Discover 8 must-see attractions in Da Nang

Da Nang is among Vietnam’s most charming tourist destinations. It attracts millions of domestic and foreign visitors each year. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, green mountains, grand architectural designs and its unique culinary dishes. Discover the 9 must-see attractions in Da Nang if you are planning to visit this beautiful city.

1. My Khe Beach


Known as among the most beautiful beaches in the world, My Khe Beach is one of the must-see attractions in Da Nang. With clear turquoise water, endless stretches of golden sand, My Khe offers the ultimate beach holidays.


There are many entertainment activities, from leisurely relaxing on the beach to being active with surfing, canoeing, to a family game of beach volleyball or soccer, there is always something to do on My Khe beach for all ages and interests. And as the sun sets, sit back and enjoy a tropical drink served right at your deckchair. Heaven!

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - My Khe beach

2. The dragon bridge


Da Nang is known as the city of bridges as there are 10 bridges that connect the 2 sides of the city split by Hans River. Each bridge has its own unique design and beauty.


One of best loved bridges of Da Nang is the Dragon bridge which stands near the town centre like a giant golden dragon crossing the river. Built in 2013, the Dragon Bridge has become the symbol of Da Nang.


On Saturday and Sunday nights at 9pm, the Dragon adds some magic to this beautiful city by spewing fire and spitting water out of its giant mouth. There is always fire first followed by water. The Dragon would breath fire twice, each with 9 flames, followed by 3 water jets spraying water 3 times. It becomes the outing event of the weekend for city residents and visitors

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Dragon Bridge

3. The Golden Bridge


Opened only in 2018 but the Golden Bridge has become one of the most photographed bridges in recent times and a famous tourist attraction in Da Nang.


Built at 1400m above the sea and is about 150m long, the Golden Bridge connects the cable car station to the gardens at Ba Na Hills Resort. Designed to avoid the hills steep incline and provide an amazing scenic overlook, it has become the must-visit attraction in Da Nang.


The golden bridge loops nearly back around to itself, and is held up by two giant hands. It looks like the Mountain God lifts up a shining gold silk strip as an offering to Heaven. With green forests and colourful gardens underneath, one could not help but feeling like they are stepping into a Hollywood movies set or a magical land faraway.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Golden Bridge

4. Nam O Reef


Nam O Reef is a beach located about 17km northwest of Danang city center. Its main feature is the convex reefs with large rocks stacked on top of each other, covered with green moss, a picturesque beauty unique to this beach. It has been a regular picnic spot for locals and recently becoming more popular among tourists.


At Nam O Reef, one can simply enjoy the enchanting beauty of the beach, swim in the pristine ocean water, or go snorkeling or scuba diving to explore the local sea life. The best time to visit Nam O Reef is in the morning, before the sun is too hot, the air is still fresh and the morning sun rays magically reflect the blue sea and the green moss-covered rocks. It is a beauty that is demanded to be explore.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Nam O Reef

5. Marble Mountains


Located on the route of Da Nang – Hoi An, Ngu Hanh Son (the Marble Moutnains) is a complex of 5 limestone mountains rising on the coastal sand, each mountain has its own beauty in shape, location, stone material, and unique caves and pagodas.


Ngu Hanh Son Mountains with its majestic landscapes and ancient mossy rocks hold many unique cultural and historical significance, and is suitable for visiting at any time of the year.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Marble Mountains

6. Linh Ứng Pagoda


Linh Ung Son Tra Pagoda is considered the Buddha realm in the middle of the world, a meeting place of heaven and earth. The pagoda is located on the top of the mountain in Bai But, Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang.


Overlooking the East Sea, Linh Ung Pagoda stands tall at an altitude of 693 m above sea level. With an area of 20 hectares, with one side of the pagoda faces the mountains, the other side towards the sea, Linh Ung Pagoda enjoys magnificent view of Cu Lao Cham Island, the Ha Van mountain range and the calm Han river where it reaches the sea.


In this pagoda also stands a Lady Buddha statue which is considered the tallest one in Vietnam at 67m high, the equivalent to a 30 storey building.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Linh Ung Pagoda

7. Cù Lao Cham Islands


Cu Lao Cham is an island cluster of 8 small islands that have been recognized by UNESCO as a world biosphere reserve. It is a popular day trip destination and visitors can get to the island from Hoi An by an 18km boat ride.


The islands boast healthy coral reefs in their surroundings, lively ocean world with abundant marine creatures, a great place for for snorkeling and scuba diving. Cu Lao Cham Islands also have some historical and cultural significance as visitors can find here remnants of Cham culture and people who inhabited the islands hundreds of years ago.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - Cu Lao Cham Islands

8. Vinpearl Land Nam Hội An


As a leading entertainment destination in Da Nang and Hoi An, Vinpearl Land South Hoi An was designed with a harmonic mixture of East and West architectures and cultures. It mimics the beautiful riverside scene of Hoi An, with streets lit up with lanterns and lined with handicraft shops. There is also a lazy river running through the waterpark part of VinPearl Land.


In VinPearl Land Hoi An visitors can enjoy a massive waterpark, a safari zoo full of exotic animals, aviary, fun fair, 3D art museum and various cinemas, food and shopping facilities. At night there are water fountain and laser shows. There is so much to do at VinPearl Land South Hoi An that visitors will be kept busy and entertained and will have a truly memorable family day out.

Must-see attractions in Da Nang - VinPearl Land Hoi An

With so much to do in and around Da Nang, there is no wonder this city has become the must-visit destination of Vietnam. For further information on tour packages, contact VinPearl Travel. We can assist to guide you to the best holidays in the beautiful and diverse city of Da Nang.