8 must-visit attractions of the new tourist destination of Vietnam – Ha Tinh.

Located in the Central North Coast of Vietnam, about 340 km south of Hanoi, Ha Tinh is rapidly becoming a new popular tourist destination of Vietnam. Facing the east to the sea with a coast line stretching over 137 km, and with its back against the Annam mountain range, Ha Tinh has a lot to offer tourists with its diverse terrains.

Not only a place of charming scenery, Ha Tinh is also known as a spiritual place with rich heroic history and deep culture.


1. Thiên Cầm Beach


The main beach of Ha Tinh, the Thien Cam beach possesses endless stretch of sand, turquoise blue water and interesting rock formation. Not yet as wellknown as other beaches in the north of Vietnam, Thien Cam beach is still rather quiet and is waited to be discover. Travellers come to Thien Cam Beach to immerse themselves in the peaceful, pristine space and enjoy the delicious local seafood dishes offered.

New Tourist destination in Vietnam - Thien Cam beach

2. Hương Tích Pagoda


Located on Hong Linh Mountain in Ha Tinh, Huong Tich Pagoda is a famous spiritual tourist site built in the Tran Dynasty in 15th century. Located at an altitude of nearly 700m above sea level, Huong Tich Pagoda seems to forever hidden behind a curtain of mystic clouds. Coming to Huong Tich pagoda, visitors will feel like walking in a fairy-tale place that lift their spirit and inner peace.

New tourist destination in Vietnam - Huong Tich pagoda

3. Kẻ Gỗ Lake


Ke Go is a man-made lake located among the green mountains of Ha Tinh, and as such it possesses the same natural beauty of any natural lake. Visitors can take a sailing boat around the lake to enjoy its tranquil and peaceful beauty.


4. Eco-tourist site Trai Tieu


With an area of 21 km2 and a capacity of up to 15.6 millions square metres of water, Trai Tieu eco-tourism was built as an important irrigation project but also an attractive eco-tourist site. Visitors to Trai Tieu can enjoy walking up its green hills covered with pine trees, or float on a yacht around its vast lake. You can also go upstream to visit remnant of the war, visit farms full with fruits trees. It is really a peaceful and soul-enriching experience visiting this eco-tourist site.


5. Hương Trà tea farm


5. Huong Tra tea hill in Ha Tinh has the same beauty as the tea hills in Moc Chau. The deep green of the tea hill blends with the clear blue sky offers a refreshing scenery with the scent of tea leaves.


6. Kỳ Xuân Reef


Ky Xuan rock beach is a relatively wild destination in Ha Tinh. It is like a sleeping beauty waiting to be discovered. It has deep blue sea water and large and small stony rocks intertwined naturally on the sand. With this wild beauty, Ky Xuan rock beach will leave deep impression in visitors.


7. Dong Loc junction historical area


Visitors to Ha Tinh must visit Dong Loc junction, and significant historical site. Located in Can Loc district, the site has a total area of 50 hectares located in a triangular valley, on the two sides of bare hills, is the resting place of 10 young woman who sacrificed their lives to fight for their country during the American war. There are monuments, statues to remind visitors of the young brave lives that were lost.

New tourist destination in Vietnam - Dong Loc Tjuntion

8. Vinpearl Cửa Sót


Vinpearl Cua Sot Ha Tinh tourist resort is located next to the pristine and most beautiful Xuan Loc beach in Ha Tinh, right near Thien Cam beach.


Like an elegant beachfront castle, Vinpearl Cua Sot Ha Tinh is surrounded by stretches of golden sand and blue sea. Here, visitors just need to step out to touch the waves, open the door to hear the murmuring sea singing day and night. Vinpearl Cua Sot is a perfect destination for visitors who want a quiet and romantic get-away.


9. Vinpearl Land Water Park


From Vinpearl resort, visitors can easily move to Vinpearl Land water park. This place is considered the heart of Vinpearl Resort Ha Tinh with well-designed landscape and interesting games, giving visitors the jubilant moments of the holiday.


With vivid design, combining with fresh colors, Vinpearl Land water park also a favourite destination for young people.