What to eat in Hue: the 5 must try dishes.

Built on the banks of Perfume River, Hue is the city in the central of Vietnam and is known as the home of the last dynasty of Vietnam, the Nguyen Dynasty, who ruled the country from 1802 to 1945.


With its rich history, Hue is known for its beautiful landscape, grand architecture of the royal citadel and royal tombs. But more importantly, Hue is famous for its food, which was developed through many years of serving to the last royal families of Vietnam.


There are five unique dishes of Hue that Vinpearl Travel recommend any visitors to try when they visit this noble city.


Bún bò Huế (Hue Beef Noodles Soup)


Beef noodles soup, Hue style is one of the dishes regularly served in the royal Nguyen court. It is round rice noodles served in bowl of broth made from stew beef bones, pork bones and herbs. The noodles are topped with thinly sliced slivers of beef, a trunk of pork knuckles, chopped fresh herbs and special paste made from local shrimps. The bowl of noodles is rich in flavour and aroma, and is often served with a side salad of beansprouts and local vegetables.


Enjoying a bowl of Hue beef noodle soup in the morning will give you the full energy for the whole day of exploration and tourist activities.

What to eat in Hue - try beef noodle soup

Cơm hến (rice with clams)


Another favourite must try dish of Hue for any visitor is rice with. The hero of this dish is the baby clams caught of the muddy banks of the rivers and estuaries around the central region near Hue. The baby clams taste fresh and sweet. Served with rice, fresh vegetables, crispy pork skins and roasted peanuts, it is a perfect combination of naughty and nice.


It is sometimes served with a side bowl of clam soup which changes the texture of the dish into a light soup and take it the next level of deliciousness.

What to eat in Hue - clam rice

Cơm Âm phủ (Hades Rice)


The story was told that the name Hades Rice (Com Am Phu) was given because this dish used to be sold to the city labour workers late at night, during “the hellish hours” according to the Vietnamese. The dish is the selection of whatever left over during the day from the local rice shop.


Unlike its hellish name, Com Am phu is colourful and is a selection of many different food, including fresh vegetables and herbs. The food served with Com Am Phu is not complicated but full of different flavours and nutritions. The most famous and oldest Com Am Phu shop that has managed to survived decades of changes happened to this city is located on Nguyen Thai Hoc St in Hue city

What to eat in Hue - Com Am Phu

Nem Lui (bbq skewered meat)


Nem lui is a kebab-like dish using lemongrass stalks, which is wrapped with marinated meat (usually pork or beef) then grilled over a charcoal stove.
When served, Nem lui is typically rolled in rice paper with fresh salad and herbs to form a fresh spring rolls. Or served with freshly baked hot baguette. For added flavour, dip nem lui into a local sauce made with ground peanuts, fermented beans, sesame seeds, shrimp paste, chopped garlic, chillies and shallots.


Bánh đậu xanh trái cây (Green bean cakes)


Made from finely ground green beans and meticulously shaped into fruits like mango, apples, pears, plums, these little sweet morsels used to be served at royal court during the Nguyen dynasty. It is a perfect to add to conversations with friends over a warm pot of tea.

What to eat in Hue - beautiful green bean cakes

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