Travel Tips

Ten things you need to know before travelling to Vietnam

Vietnam has recently become the destination of choice for many intrepid Australian travellers. Travelling to Vietnam, the visitors will get the opportunities to experience a rich culture, beautiful landscapes, golden beaches, friendly people and most of all, amazing food.   However, there are a few things you need to know if you plan a trip [...]

9 reasons for travel devotees to love the “All Inclusive” vacation

‘All-Inclusive’ is one of the fast growing trends and is especially loved by international tourists. Suitable for many types of travellers from families with children, couples in love to single people, All-Inclusive is the ideal choice for anyone.   Let’s find out 10 reasons why travellers from all over the world love this ‘Leave the [...]

Vietnam visa – what you need to know

Australian citizens who wish to visit Vietnam must have a valid passport and must be valid for six months beyond your planned stay in Vietnam and must have at least one blank page for visa. Except a handful of countries which have Vietnam visa exemption arrangements with Vietnam, all other nationalities, including Australian, need to [...]

Vietnam travel advice: vaccinations, hospitals and insurance

Before leaving for Vietnam, it is important that you check with your doctors on required vaccination and recommended medicine that you should bring with you on the trip. This is the key Vietnam travel advice from us to any visitors to Vietnam.   Vietnam travel advice: what vaccinations are required?   Before leaving for Vietnam, [...]

7 surprising facts about Vietnam

Close enough to Australia for a hop over flight, with rich culture, heritage and history, Vietnam is fast becoming the destination for intrepid Australian travelers, and we haven’t even mentioned the food yet!   There is definitely more to Vietnam than just beautiful beaches. Here are 7 surprising facts about Vietnam that will inspire you [...]