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Discover 8 must-see attractions in Da Nang

Da Nang is among Vietnam’s most charming tourist destinations. It attracts millions of domestic and foreign visitors each year. It is famous for its beautiful landscapes, pristine beaches, green mountains, grand architectural designs and its unique culinary dishes. Discover the 9 must-see attractions in Da Nang if you are planning to visit this beautiful city. [...]

8 must-visit attractions of the new tourist destination of Vietnam – Ha Tinh.

Located in the Central North Coast of Vietnam, about 340 km south of Hanoi, Ha Tinh is rapidly becoming a new popular tourist destination of Vietnam. Facing the east to the sea with a coast line stretching over 137 km, and with its back against the Annam mountain range, Ha Tinh has a lot to [...]

5 must-visit Assembly Halls in Hoi An

Building assembly halls as place to socialise, worship and preserve their traditions have been a common practice among Chinese immigrants. Being an important trading ports, Hoi An has been an attractive destination for Chinese immigrants. As they settled in Hoi An, they began to construct assembly halls.   In general, most Assembly Halls follow the [...]

7 surprising facts about Vietnam

Close enough to Australia for a hop over flight, with rich culture, heritage and history, Vietnam is fast becoming the destination for intrepid Australian travelers, and we haven’t even mentioned the food yet!   There is definitely more to Vietnam than just beautiful beaches. Here are 7 surprising facts about Vietnam that will inspire you [...]